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Andrew Dixon, experienced recruitment professional


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Andrew has over 20 years of resourcing and recruitment experience. Having spent 13 years in recruitment consultancy, he now uses his significant internal recruitment experience to provide a unique insight into the complexities and challenges companies face when managing internal recruitment.

Andrew has worked with and for some of the largest brands and businesses including Barclaycard, Rolls Royce, Boots, ADT and Staples.



Having spent the past 20 + years in and around recruitment and resourcing, I have often heard the phrase ‘they just don’t get it’ used time and time again. How many times have you heard that in your office? The big question is what is ‘it’?

I suppose the answer depends on your perspective. For the purposes of my view, let’s call ‘it’ the relationship between external recruitment providers and internal company HR/recruitment teams.

So, picture the scene, you are a recruitment consultant sat at your desk. You may be trying to contact a potential client for the first time, you may be calling to get the details for an upcoming vacancy or you may be following up CVs sent/interviews arranged. Why doesn’t the HR or internal recruiter take your call, respond to your email or reply to your voicemails? Good question! Is it because they can’t be bothered, are too busy or simply just don’t like you? Having spent 12 years working in recruitment consultancies, I often found myself in this position.

Believe it or not, the simply answer is often that the internal recruiter or HR contact has every intention of coming back you, except events and changing business priorities mean their world changes as quickly as yours! So how do you help that HR or internal recruiter find the time or see the benefit of taking your call or replying to your email? You could keep hammering the phone or bombarding them with emails - not very effective and not likely to provoke the response you are looking for. The key is to build value in the relationship, value is created by bringing something to the relationship that often the HR contact or internal recruiter can’t, something that your clients need and I don’t mean CVs!

Two words that are often used within the HR community are trust and confidence; these words are the cornerstone of basic HR principles and often go a long way to building that value in the relationship. I am also going to add a third word into the mix – insight.

Let’s explore the basics of how these three things can help change your world and those of your clients:


Trust – If your client doesn’t trust you or feels you are just ‘selling’ to them you won’t build the type of relationship that enables you to be seen as a business partner rather than a service provider.

Confidence – Your client needs confidence in you, your business and your ability to work with them, not for them.

Insight – What can you share with your client that will make their lives easier or help them have informed discussions within their business? Things such as changing demographics in their sector, new social media techniques and news on competitors are all examples which help!


Since moving in-house over 7 years ago, I have spent many hours, days and weeks dealing with both internal recruiters and external agency suppliers, throughout the UK. Recently I worked with a group of specialist consultants in a niche agency, helping them to understand the world of internal recruitment, how HR teams work and the pressures, challenges and opportunities that exist for them to work more closely with their client base – insight!


Want to work more effectively with your clients? Give me a try.


Workshop: Building Stronger Relationships with HR and Internal Recruiters


Workshop Content

  • Setting and managing outcomes and objectives Understanding the context and current situations faced by HR teams, where their focus lies and how you can help them deliver results and be the first person they call!
  • Understanding the internal recruitment process How to gain greater influence in the process and understanding the drivers and motivators to sell against. Insight into the pre-recruitment meetings and discussions that take place and deciding which route to market/suppliers to use.
  • De-mystifying the role of HR/Internal Recruitment teams Unique insight into how these teams operate, how you can gain trust, increase your conversion ratio and achieve greater sales.
  • How to 'sell' and gain rapport with HR against their needs Understanding the top 3 biggest mistakes recruiters make when selling to HR. How to align yourself with the needs of the client, ensuring you are considered a trusted supplier and not just one of the crowd.
  • Understanding and influencing the PSL How to overcoming the PSL objection. How PSL’s are created, managed and ultimately decided.
  • How to succeed in a ‘direct sourcing’ model Opportunities for you to work with your client’s direct sourcing approach and increase your market share/sales with a client.
  • Continue the journey and closing out the competition How to increase your market share and sales conversion ratio, leading to a stronger, more successful client relationship moving forwards.


Previous delegates have said:

“An insightful workshop with plenty to implement”

“A very good workshop delivering a welcome insight to views and pressures of an internal recruiter and understanding what they're looking for”

“Great content delivered credibly by a subject matter expert.”

“Very insightful. Its good to get the view from the other side of the fence.”


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