Headhunting - The key beliefs to generate success

Headhunting has been on my mind a lot recently. It may even have been on yours. Looking at the recruitment market (national and international) the need to engage top quality candidates is paramount. The majority of my clients are developing good relationships with clients and generating high quality mandates and assignments to work. Finding talent is the challenge. Having been a (more than) competent headhunting practitioner for a number of years I have a robust understanding of what it takes to succeed first hand when headhunting.


Headhunting and the contingent recruiter

There is a lot of talk from contingent recruiters about headhuting. Some claim to their clients that their skills in this area separate them from other specialist recruiters. Some of these recruitment consultants are right. The majority, however, don’t really know what headhunting is. They think they do but they don’t.

Headhunting is NOT:


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