Top Five Tips to Effective Daily Planning

Improve your sales



  1. Set aside an hour every morning and an hour every afternoon to focus on proactive activities such as prospecting, candidate marketing, networking, relationship management and planning.
  2. The first hour of the day is often the most wasted. Make sure you know who you’re calling and why you’re calling them for that first hour to create a great start to the day.
  3. Plan your day around making money - not just activities. There is a big difference between doing an hour of sales and targeting 10 clients to pick up an exclusive job.
  4. Be more strategic - what skills and experience are going to be in highest demand and what are you doing to proactively pipeline these candidates. Who are your target clients and what are you doing to increase your chances of doing business with them in the next three months?
  5. Make the most of time out of the office. Good quality information packs dropped at businesses on industrial estates and business parks where you've visited clients create impact and great follow up opportunities in the future.

Daily planner from Zero Entropy Networks

Daily Planner