Online Training: Approaching Passive Candidates

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Demonstrating your capability to find good people

'Passive candidates' has become the latest phrase to become fashionable in recruitment. The concept has been around for a very long time. It is only since the rise of social media that passive talent has become more visible.

Finding passive talent

Finding passive talent is the first step in increasing the choice and quality you provide your clients. Converting them into motivated candidates is where the real skill is required. Today, more than ever, individuals are approached by recruiters seeking to place them with their client.

Standing out as being a good recruiter is critical to success and the initial approach is integral.

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On this session you will discover:

  • How to approach passive candidates professionally and credibly
  • Dealing with initial objections to talking further (like “send me a job spec”)
  • The psychology of "not looking" candidates
  • Building a 2 call strategy to success
  • How to maintain momentum and ensure placement success

Your Trainer

Jeremy Snell, Recruitment Industry Sales Trainer


Jeremy Snell

Jeremy has spent sixteen years working in the recruitment industry with eleven years hands-on billing, managing and growing teams. Jeremy also has 5 years experience as a recruitment trainer, including working within the world’s largest recruitment company.

Jeremy prides himself on his proven track record to motivate and empower recruitment consultants and having trained over 6500 consultants to date, he’s built up an enviable following. read more

Jeremy delivers a number of Zero Entropy Networks online training workshops