Online Training: Qualifying Candidate Motivations

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Presenting genuinely relevant opportunities to candidates

Most recruiters recognise the importance of qualifying a candidate's motivations, yet not all are as competent as they should be.

When you understand what really drives your candidates' decisions and what is important to them you can start to present genuinely relevant opportunities that they will accept.

Good qualification increase your reputation with candidates and clients. Good qualification helps you to make more placements.

Sessions TBA - £49 + VAT

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On this session you will discover:

  • The mind set of good recruiters during qualification
  • How to qualify effectively and quickly
  • Powerful questioning techniques to understand your candidate better
  • Testing and probing motivations
  • Using a balance sheet to qualify push and pull factors
  • Discovering evidence to support candidate expectations

Your Trainer

Jeremy Snell, Recruitment Industry Sales Trainer


Jeremy Snell

Jeremy has spent sixteen years working in the recruitment industry with eleven years hands-on billing, managing and growing teams. Jeremy also has 5 years experience as a recruitment trainer, including working within the world’s largest recruitment company.

Jeremy prides himself on his proven track record to motivate and empower recruitment consultants and having trained over 6500 consultants to date, he’s built up an enviable following. read more

Jeremy delivers a number of Zero Entropy Networks online training workshops