Recruitment Training Workshop: Developing More Business

Without effective planning and a clear sales strategy the role of a business developer is much more challenging.

This session is designed to take a step back from the "sales" and take a bird's eye view on what we are trying to acheive and then create a robust strategy and planning process to ensure it is achieved. Most sales are often performed with passion and gusto though can often fall short due to a lack of high level planning.

Sales skills and a focused sales strategy

With a solid framework of sales skills combined with a focused sales strategy and well planned activity a good recruitment consultant can become excellent. Sales skills are important basics to master. Getting good at the basics is not sufficient, particularly in the current recruitment landscape. Mastery comes from an unconscious understanding of how to use those skills and consistent, purposeful practice.

This session reviews some of the core fundamentals and realigns delegates with the core principles of good salesmanship.

All delegates will receive a collection of valuable resources to enable them to get the most from their new skills. This will include our 'Objection Handling' booklet to assist with client objections that may arise during sales activity

This workshop will help you to : 

  • Increase Sales
  • Gain More Jobs
  • Build Stronger Client Relationships

During this workshop you will discover:

  • Demonstrate a clear business development strategy underpinning their business development activity
  • Call clients with a greater flexibility of reasons to talk
  • Set robust objectives for their sales activity
  • Clearly explain the key differentiators to clients with established PSLs in place
  • Define the benefits of using value propositions and identify relevant value propositions for their prospect audience
  • Be able to use a structured approach to handling objections