Recruitment Training Workshop: Effective Negotiation Skills

Becoming a better negotiator as an individual is a life skill that cannot be under estimated

For a business to develop its sales teams’ negotiation skills has a compound effect and can increase profit rapidly. For many recruiters the fear of loss of a client or deal can incorrectly make them think that a fee reduction will secure the business. This is often an unnecessary strategy and many negotiations are entered by recruitment consultants that could have been avoided.

Course Synopsis:

  • What drives clients to think that they deserve to pay less than we believe they should?
  • How do we feel when we negotiate
  • Dispelling the myths surrounding recruitment negotiation
  • The prelude to negotiation
  • Consequences of poor negotiation
  • Justifying prices so clients are happy to pay more
  • Cost Vs value
  • Identifying trading variables for contract and permanent recruitment professionals
  • How to negotiate – core tactics that produce great results
  • Gaining commitment and maintaining control

This workshop is an inspiring day in which delegates will become much more confident to achieve higher margins.

This workshop is truly empowering as it develops the right mindset as well as delivering the tools and techniques that are required to negotiate better.

Industry specific roleplays are used throughout the day to showcase the new skills acquired.

This workshop will help you to : 

  • Increase Sales

After this workshop delegates will:

  • Understand the importance of negotiation to their success
  • Reduce the amount of negotiations they enter by justifying their position better
  • Ensure WIN WIN outcomes are achieved
  • Be able to generate better constructed agreements that reduce the level of discount offered
  • Be able to make more money for themselves and the business – immediately!