Recruitment Training Workshop: How to Make Jobs Easier to Fill

Triaging live jobs to recognise which are of highest value

As the demand for skilled talent continues to grow there is a greater and greater need for professional recruiters to be able to: Triage their live jobs to recognise which are most fillable and of highest value (beyond just fee) and gain greater levels of control and commitment from clients to win good quality work!

Recognising good quality business

At the end of the session all delegates will have a defined template for a robust job, scoring mechanisms and relevant support documents (job order forms and checklists) to help them recognise good quality business.

This workshop will help you to : 

  • Make More Placements
  • Build Stronger Client Relationships
  • Make Quicker Placements

During this workshop delegates will cover:

  • Defining what makes one job more fillable than another
  • What stops jobs from becoming placements
  • How to qualify a client effectively
  • Qualifying a job against an eight point plan
  • How to secure maximum commitment
  • Defining control and how to secure it
  • How to pre mortem a live job (rather than post mortem a dead one)
  • How to prioritise the jobs that you work