Recruitment Training Workshop: How to Make More Money Every Quarter

Hard work and a focused approach

Making higher levels of revenue requires a lot of hard work. It also requires a focused approach to making sure that every activity is linked to revenue generation.

Good time management and an intelligent approach

Doing the activities that are the closest to the money requires good time management and an intelligent approach to proactive business development and candidate generation.

This workshop will help you to : 

  • Increase Sales
  • Make More Placements
  • Build a Better Pipeline

During this workshop delegates will cover:

  • Recognising money making opportunities
  • Filling jobs and placing good candidates
  • Creating personal gravity – pulling in clients and candidates
  • Marketing candidates properly – good lists with well constructed presentations
  • Predicting future jobs and Traitor mapping
  • Generating referrals
  • Fee justification and negotiation
  • Valuing time and how to stay close to the money