Recruitment Training Workshop: Lead Generation

We all want to make as many placements as possible

To make placements we need jobs to work.
To find jobs to work we need to speak to clients.
And to find the best people to speak to every recruiter needs quality sales leads.

Could you benefit from more leads?

Never has this been more important than during these challenging market conditions. Especially now that many businesses are finding that their dependable lucrative pre-recession cash cows are no longer recruiting at the same level or possibly even strengthening their own in-house recruitment teams.

Having a consistent supply of leads to qualify and develop into new business is imperative.
Could you benefit from more leads? Better leads? Higher conversion rates?
After all...No leads = no placements.

Don’t make the mistake of many recruitment businesses. It is not simply how many sales calls you make - it is also the quality of the sales call. Only by combining the two can you ensure you conduct a healthy number of meaningful conversations.

This workshop will help you to : 

  • Gain More Jobs
  • Improve Your Pipeline
  • Increase Sales

During this workshop you will discover:

  • Multiple ways to generate high quality leads
  • How to automate certain lead generation activities
  • How to convert more business
  • Quick ways to find this months’ new business
  • How to identify next quarter’s business
  • How to qualify what constitutes a lead
  • How to develop a robust pipeline of new jobs