Recruitment Training Workshop: Time Management for Recruiters

Outperforming average recruiters

The very best recruiters can demonstrably outperform the average by more than ten fold. How is it possible for the best to do so much better with the same number of hours available to them in the working day?

Working Smarter

Working smarter helps, working harder helps – working smarter and harder create significantly improved results! This workshops help recruiters look at how they manage their time and ensure they do the right activity to the right standard at the right time.

This workshop will help you to : 

  • More Placements
  • Quicker Placements
  • Increase Sales

During this workshop delegates will cover:

  • Defining the value of time and the importance of efficiency and productivity
  • How to prioritise effectively
  • Reviewing activities and identifying opportunities to buy back time
  • The relationship between proactivity and productivity
  • Effective planning
  • Killer routines to exectute daily and wekly to improve time management and drive productivity