A Recruiters Guide to RSS Feeds

With so many websites available today, all hosting super rich content, it can be a full time job in itself keeping up with the latest sales intel. Checking your bookmarked client sites ‘the old fashioned way’, one at a time, can take until lunchtime!

Imagine if you could aggregate it all in one place so that you only have to check one website to be up to date with the latest market information.

Well luckily with Google Reader you can do just this. Firstly you will need a Google account which you can set up here.

It is a good idea to create a Google account which links to your work email - that way any email alerts will come through to your work email account.

Google Reader is part of the portfolio of online tools that become available to you when you have a Google account.

Google Reader can also be refered to as an RSS feed aggregator. RSS stands for Really Simply Syndication and is a way for websites to distribute new information. Most websites today have the RSS logo somewhere on the page. Clicking on this icon will normally take you to the URL for the feed. Google Reader goes and searches for new content on the ‘feeds’ that you ‘subscribe’ to and displays them all in one place.

To add a feed into your Google Reader account click on the ‘Add a subscription’ button which can be found just under the Google Reader logo.

Cut and paste the URL of the feed you want to subscribe to into the box - it really is as simple as that!

Now, to read a round up of all the latest recruitment news and sales intel relevant to your market, all you have to do is log into Google Reader every morning and read your new articles.

To get you started:

Take a look at ZEN's Recruiter's Pulse a series of RSS feeds for those working in specialist markets.

RSS is a recruiters best friend - it saves you time and keeps you focused!