The Benefits of OCD to a Recruiter

My world is often full of analogy. It can help create better understanding in training and can also help generate a different way of highlighting a particular point. In fact, analogy and metaphor are two of the most powerful things I use during training.


Anyway, one of the metaphors I use describes closing. Closing candidates or closing clients. In this analogy we imagine a corridor. Along this corridor is a series of doors on the left and right hand sides. At the end of the corridor lies success. During the process I need to successfully walk my candidate (or client) to the far end and along the way successfully close each door. If I fail to close a door effectively (or neglect to close it at all) my candidate could slip out during the process. Given that the process may last days, even weeks it is also imperative that I keep returning to each door to make sure that I definitely closed it. Recruiter OCD… That door I closed last week about X (insert location, salary, counter offer or any one of the 20 things I need to close my candidate on) is it still closed and firmly locked. A recruiter needs to patrol the corridor consistently check each and every door again and again.

Take a look now at the candidates you are currently working with. Are they all closed? Properly closed? Not just rate/salary, location and opportunity. I am interested to know what you think it is important to close a candidate on during the process and how often you revisit it (sometimes I find that theory and reality can differ somewhat on this topic).

Are you clients and candidates closed?