Is the UKs text obsession damaging your recruitment business?

An Ofcom report out yesterday (18th July 2012) shows that texting has now overtaken talking as a means of communication in the UK.

James Thickett, Ofcoms director of research, said “Talking face to face or on the phone are no longer the most common ways for us to interact with each other.”

The report then goes on to say that this trend of digital communication methods is being driven by young people aged 16-24 – the same age group that are now entering the workplace as graduates and new trainees.

Is it no wonder then that I recently observed the following email "conversation" taking place with a trainee I was sat doing some at desk coaching with:

Consultant: “…. find attached CVs as promised. I look forward to receiving your feedback as soon as possible ….”

Client: “…. [candidate name] looks good as does [another candidate name] though not keen on the other. Would like to get them in for interviews this week or early next ….”

Consultant: “…. will get onto it straight away and forward any other candidates in the mean time who are suitable ….”

Consultant: “…. [candidate name] is coming at …. [another candidate name] at …. Good luck with the interviews, any problems let me know.”

These emails were conducted without a single telephone call taking place over a 2 day period.

Recruitment is all about relationships! Relationships are built and exist between people. To build solid trusting relationships we need to talk to people, meet people, build rapport through questions and genuine interest in them as individuals.

Where is the relationship building in the email "conversation" that took place above? How will it be possible to exercise any form of control or leverage over a client and gain any level of commitment or trust if we are so reliant on email?

Email is causing many consultants to lose control of their clients during the recruitment process – and very likely their candidates too.

Luckily it can be easily rectified – pick up the phone!

Sending CV’s to a client – pick up the phone!

Arranging interviews – pick up the phone – to both the client and the candidate!

Reverse marketing a CV to potential clients – pick up the phone!

Resourcing a job and reading CVs from beginning to end to ensure they can do the job – pick up the phone!

Working from an emailed job description emailed from the client – pick up the phone and find out the information that will enable you to fill the role better than your competitors!

Trying in vain to think of the right words to put in an email ….. you’ve got it …. pick up the phone.

It is imperative in recruitment that you are on the phone talking to people and building relationships. In the increasingly competitive market many businesses find themselves in – those consultants who are generating the strongest relationships with the most clients and candidates will be the ones who prosper. If you are not on the phone – what are you doing?

Consider for a moment before you send your next email – could I do this on the phone??


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