Welcome from Recruitment Dad


Hi there! So Recruitment Dad directed you this way? As you may have seen Recruitment Dad has stepped out of the anonymous shroud and has revealed his identity.

I am Recruitment Dad, or should that be I was?! Anyway, I am Jeremy Snell. I started blogging as Recruitment Dad whilst I was in full time employment as a trainer in one of the larger recruitment businesses in the world. At the time, sharing my opinions and experience was easier to do without revealing who I was. In reality, I don’t suppose it was that much of a secret. I found the experience of blogging highly rewarding and developed a very loyal readership and had fun on Twitter with lots of interesting people.

Then it went quiet on the blog and crazy at work. I quit my job. A job I loved doing in a business that had looked after me. It sounds crazy in the midst of a recession but I had decided that timing was right in myself to start my own business. With that I embarked on building my own training business focused on the industry I had worked in for 17 years. The recruitment industry.  As I am sure you can understand, starting a business was an 18 hour a day job for the first year. I am delighted with the decision I made, despite any fears of the unknown, it has been, and continues to be, a great experience. I have now established the infrastructure and client pipeline that means I can now return to blogging. With such a gap since being the Recruitment Dad I will now be blogging as Jeremy Snell on my own website.

One thing is certain – The message and sentiment will still be exactly the same as when I was Recruitment Dad. Solid advice and opinion (at times) on how to improve as a recruiter and I will also be standing up for the agency recruiter! Everyone is giving recruitment consultants a damn good shoeing on the internet – Linkedin Discussions, Twitter and Blogs. Some of it well deserved in some corners of the industry.

As ever – if you wish to comment, tweet or share the articles then I would be delighted. If you have areas you would like to discuss or subjects to cover then drop me an email.


The Recruitment Dad