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Are you tracking your leads to completion?

Most of the recruitment consultants I work with believe that they are on top of their leads – I am sure you are the same yourself. What I have noticed though is that this is not always the case. The majority of recruiters who are responsible for developing their own pipeline of business recognise the importance of generating leads. It provides market intelligence, instant confirmation as to who is currently recruiting and the potential to create immediate business.


How to Improve Your Delivery Methods (and strengthen client relationships)

The UK recruitment market is a mature, competitive landscape. The focus of most recruitment businesses is on developing market share. Once you have been given an opportunity to work with a client (new or longstanding relationship) the goal has to be to fill the vacancy. Both you and I recognise that not every job that an agency is given is successfully filled (by them). Sometimes a competitor recruiter might fill it, or the position may be withdrawn or cancelled. Some recruitment business will actually fill less jobs than they don’t.


How To Make More Out Of Your Client Meetings

I am sure that some of you are aware of our #ZENTips hashtag on Twitter. All our tweets with this hashtag contain a tip for agency recruiters to get more out of their business. One of those tips has caused a lot of people to message me to find out more.

The tip?

“Build a sizzle pack for meetings AND drops #ZENTips”

I have been asked by a few people about what a sizzle pack is. I have also been questioned about ‘drops’, what are they and do they work?


What are the best books for Recruiters?

I wrote an article some time ago – back when I covertly blogged as Recruitment Dad about books that recruiters should own. The article still gets a lot of traffic (600 people spent over 3 minutes on the page in November). I am still asked regularly to recommend books that recruiters could read to aid their own self development so I decided to revisit the subject.


Time Management – The Mysterious Art of Increasing Productivity

Time is the one thing that I hear people want more of than anything else. “If only I had more time, I would be able to see more of my family.” “If I had more time I would be able to get my tax return filled in before the deadline.” “If I had more time I would be able to hit my KPIs.” “If I only had more time blah blah blah.”


How to Break PSLs – Read this before your competitors do!

Some of you may have encountered organisations who have PSLs. Some of the people you have spoken to in those businesses may have even told you that they have a preferred suppliers list. On some occasions it may even be that you told them they had one!

Consultant: “How do you normally recruit into your department?”

Client: “We have a couple of agencies that we use regularly”

Consultant: “You have a PSL then I take it?”



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