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Mastering the Art of New Business


What is it all about?

A Manager's Guide To Mastering the Art of New businessAlthough growth may be firmly on the agenda for much of the UK, to capitalise on this requires having the ability to identify where this growth is happening, successfully engage a decision maker and then demonstrate why they should use you over the 100’s of other consultants – easy! All these skills will be required if a recruitment consultant is going to succeed at developing new business opportunities.

Mastering the Art of New Business is available as a complete training package or six week training programme which will give you all the resources required to develop your consultants’, or even your own, new business development skills.

What will the candidates learn?

Mastering the Art of New Business will show you how to:

  • create a sales strategy
  • identify potential prospect clients and the decision makers within them
  • engage hiring managers quickly during sales activity
  • generate a consistent pipeline of hot leads
  • track and convert leads into new business opportunities

Also, as an important part of any recruiters tool kit, Mastering the Art of New Business will also show you how to identify and market high value candidates effectively.

And, on top of all of this, we will show you how to handle objections confidently – and even learn to see them as buying signals.

What is the difference between the package and the programme?

Training Package Overview

You will receive all the training notes to deliver four training workshops in-house and a huge 100+ page workbook for your consultants to record valuable notes from each session.

Both the training notes and workbooks will be supplied in digital format for you to print out and use to develop your whole team.

Mastering the Art of New Business is broken into four main sections:

Part One : Developing a Sales Strategy

This session has been developed to help consultants become more effective with their sales activity. By having a clear sales strategy and well planned activity all consultants will achieve a higher level of productivity and efficiency.

Part Two : Sales Calls in Recruitment

To give consultants maximum opportunity to gain the attention and interest of the decision makers they call and build a platform of success to create quality sales calls.

Part Three : Using Leads Successfully

To enable consultants to obtain leads from their conversations with candidates and to be able to identify a hot lead from other types of valuable commercial information. To empower consultants to track leads in their market to completion and achieve a satisfactory level of conversion of leads to jobs

Part Four : Marketing High Value Candidates

To enable consultants to identify the attributes of a high value candidate and then to set about a strategy of marketing them to prospects with a view to developing a new client relationship

Each of the four sessions is then followed up by a series of practical activities that will help each consultant develop their skills further and create good habits and best practice.

Training Programme Overview

During each session you will be guided by experienced recruitment coaches through a series of questions and practical activities. You will also have the opportunity to roleplay calls with leading recruitment trainer, Jeremy Snell. Detailed feedback will be given on these roleplays along with the opportunity for you to tweak your approach before you start to make real live calls to clients.

This programme combines online coaching with a regular responses, enabling you to clarify where you are now, where you want to get to, and practical actions you need to take to get you there. You will be prompted with additional questions, tools and suggestions which will give you insight and further impetus to succeed in your business.

Which is right for my business?

  Training Package Training Programme
Delivery Facilitated notes to enable you to deliver the sessions in-house Online coaching portal to work through the modules and activities in a distant learning style
Duration 4 modules, delivered at the speed designated by you as the in-house trainer  Six weeks

Downloadable workbooks, guides and training resources*

Guide to Coaching

Downloadable workbooks, guides and training resources
Feedback and Review Not provided by ZEN At the end of each week there is a review via an Online Coaching Portal. Detailed feedback given by ZEN on role-play calls with leading recruitment trainer
Price £459 + VAT

£949 + VAT per delegate

(for the 6 week programme)


Contact Zero Entropy Networks on info@zeroentropynetworks.com or +44 (0) 20 3004 4952 for more information

*For the training package, you will receive login details to secure section of www.zeroentropynetworks.com where you can access all workbooks, guides and training resources. This login will be sent within 24 hours of payment being received.