July 2011

When Clients Do the Dirty on You – A tale of Robert Check

I read a discussion on Linkedin recently in the Institute of Recruiters Group that was about clients who recruit candidates without informing the agency i.e. what amounts to ‘theft’ based upon introduction, terms and conditions etc. Clearly there was a lot of “pass it to your solicitor” and “leave contact to your legal counsel” and “see them in court, you will win”. There were some whom had had recent experience of this and others who had much opinion though no direct experience of being on the receiving end of such practice.


When Recruiters say " I'm going back to basics"

We have all faced it.

As a good consultant it can be difficult having a tough month. If it stretches further then some serious questions have to be asked.

What is the cause of this?

How can I correct it?

Here is what is happening in most cases. The recruiter has had success because they followed, most likely, some very basic rules to make themself successful.