Is the UKs text obsession damaging your recruitment business?

An Ofcom report out yesterday (18th July 2012) shows that texting has now overtaken talking as a means of communication in the UK.

James Thickett, Ofcoms director of research, said “Talking face to face or on the phone are no longer the most common ways for us to interact with each other.”

The report then goes on to say that this trend of digital communication methods is being driven by young people aged 16-24 – the same age group that are now entering the workplace as graduates and new trainees.


How To Make More Out Of Your Client Meetings

I am sure that some of you are aware of our #ZENTips hashtag on Twitter. All our tweets with this hashtag contain a tip for agency recruiters to get more out of their business. One of those tips has caused a lot of people to message me to find out more.

The tip?

“Build a sizzle pack for meetings AND drops #ZENTips”

I have been asked by a few people about what a sizzle pack is. I have also been questioned about ‘drops’, what are they and do they work?


What are the best books for Recruiters?

I wrote an article some time ago – back when I covertly blogged as Recruitment Dad about books that recruiters should own. The article still gets a lot of traffic (600 people spent over 3 minutes on the page in November). I am still asked regularly to recommend books that recruiters could read to aid their own self development so I decided to revisit the subject.


Why agencies fail to recruit for themselves

It seems ironic that some recruitment agencies can struggle to recruit (and retain) staff for their own business. Only last week I read a discussion on Linkedin that was about difficulties in recruiting into an agency. One participant said that they recruited successfully for their clients yet struggled to identify the right people for their own business.

Are you failing to recruit recruiters?


When Recruiters say " I'm going back to basics"

We have all faced it.

As a good consultant it can be difficult having a tough month. If it stretches further then some serious questions have to be asked.

What is the cause of this?

How can I correct it?

Here is what is happening in most cases. The recruiter has had success because they followed, most likely, some very basic rules to make themself successful.


When Clients Do the Dirty on You – A tale of Robert Check

I read a discussion on Linkedin recently in the Institute of Recruiters Group that was about clients who recruit candidates without informing the agency i.e. what amounts to ‘theft’ based upon introduction, terms and conditions etc. Clearly there was a lot of “pass it to your solicitor” and “leave contact to your legal counsel” and “see them in court, you will win”. There were some whom had had recent experience of this and others who had much opinion though no direct experience of being on the receiving end of such practice.


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