Working as an in-house recruiter has changed significantly over the past few years.

Your role is one of the most important in the business you work for. After all, it is you and your team who is responsible for identifying and engaging with the talent that will make (or break!) the company.

Keeping up to date

Keeping up to date with new sourcing techniques is clearly important and at ZEN we can help with that – but that is a given really!

Our value proposition is much more than social media techniques and searches.

We develop core skills for recruitment and talent management professionals to help them:

  • Engage and retain the best candidates in the market place.
  • Develop robust controls to ensure that you manage your live roles effectively to satisfactory conclusion.
  • Build robust stakeholder relationships.
  • Improve time to hire on even specialist and niche roles.
  • Grow talent pipeline in line with accurate demand forecasting.
  • Develop employer brand through high quality engagement.
  • Nurture good quality relationships with external suppliers.
  • Identify the best agency suppliers to work with as PSL providers or on specific assignments.