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create an in-house mentoring programme

An effective way to grow and develop successful teams is to create an internal mentoring programme within your business. By encouraging new recruiters (both experienced and inexperienced) to model the top performers within your organisation, and to be held accountable for the commitments they make, you can increase results. You will also find that those given the role of 'Mentor' will naturally increase their performance as they demonstrate best practice to their protege.

We have created three workshops that will enable you to quickly create your own in-house mentoring programme.

Each workshop is written for you to be able to deliver in-house with your chosen mentors giving you the ability to grow your mentoring programme with the demands of the business.

An overview of each workshop:

Workshop 1 - Understanding Mentoring

This first workshop provides delegates with a clear understanding of mentoring and the benefits it can bring to mentors, proteges and the organisation as a whole.  It outlines the difference between mentoring and coaching and helps delegates become aware of the role and purpose of the mentor.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • understand the purpose and role of the mentor
  • recognise the qualities and skills needed to be a mentor
  • appreciate the differences between coaching and mentoring


Workshop 2 - Developing the Mentoring Relationship

Moving on delegates will gain a clear understanding of the key stages of the mentoring lifecycle and how it can be used to structure an effective mentoring relationship.They will also discover how to use and hone their knowledge of NLP, active listening, questioning and rapport building skills and their importance in a mentoring relationship.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session delegates will:

  • understand the key stages of the mentoring lifecycle
  • understand how to structure a mentoring session
  • how to establish an effective mentoring relationship and to establish the relevant boundaries


Workshop 3 - The Mentoring Lifecycle

Your chosen mentors will now have a clear understanding of how a mentoring relationship progresses and the complete mentoring lifecycle. Most importantly they will discover how to develop an effective relationship where both parties work and learn together.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session delegates will understand how to:

  • tackle typical problems which can occur during mentoring
  • review and evaluate the relationship as it progresses
  • give constructive feedback
  • end a relationship

Mentoring Workshop coverWhat is included:

  • Facilitator course notes to enable an appointed member of staff (HR, Internal Trainer or Senior Manager) to deliver each of the above workshops
  • Delegate workbooks to accompany each workshop
  • Activities to complete
  • All relevant forms and handouts

[All documents will be sent in digital format enabling you to print off and use again and again. Every document will also be branded with your company name and logo].

Investment: £249 +VAT for the complete package


Great IdeaGreat Tip!

Why not use these workshops to help your clients set up Mentoring Programmes within their organisations?

These workshops have purposely been developed so they are not industry specific (meaning they do not make reference to 'Recruitment Consultants' in them). As they will be branded with your company logo this gives you an excellent opportunity to deliver these workshops within your clients' business creating additional value to your services. Developing mentoring (or buddy systems) can also help your placed candidate settle into their new position quicker and can dramatically improve retention for your client.

The choice is yours - you could either add this into your existing service offering helping to your obtain full fee and reduce negotiation discussions or alternatively it could become an additional chargeable service for your business.

It is worth noting that it is as appropriate to appoint a mentor for contactors as it is for permanent staff!

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