Power Pack 1 - Interviewing

Interviewing Power Pack contains:

  • Interviewing pitfalls
  • An effective interview structure for third party recruiters
  • An introduction to Competency Based Interviews
  • 99 Powerful Interview Questions

Interviewing is clearly an integral part of the job of a recruiter.

Your reputation as a recruiter is based on the quality of the candidates you submit to your clients.

In today’s highly competitive market there is an ever pressing need for third party recruiters to add value to their clients. One of the greatest opportunities to do this is by aligning your own interviews to that of your client.

Do you know what they will be testing for at interview?
How much of that could you deliver for them to ensure better quality shortlists?
Could you even help your clients develop their own interview process?

Throughout the Interviewing Powerpack you will discover:

  • The information you need to successfully ‘sell’ your candidates in the marketplace
  • How to understand your candidates motivating factors for moving
  • Reduce the number of candidates who ‘drop out’ during the process
  • How to deliver quality shortlists quickly for your clients

Your FREE Interviewing Power Pack also includes ‘99 Powerful Interview Questions’ to add to your armoury.

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Interviewing Power Pack

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