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I met Jeremy on a train. My colleague was discussing our business and his as we travelled together. Within only a few minutes I knew I wanted to hire Jeremy to work with our team. Why? Because he’s an outstanding listener; he knew his area of work inside out; and...well...he's a really nice guy.

We've been delighted with his approach, content, style of delivery. I've only known Jeremy a few months - but I would wholeheartedly recommend him. I suspect the single most important quality that differentiates Jeremy is his ability to listen, then apply his awareness of 'your' problem/issue to his own knowledge, and then work with you to help see the most appropriate solutions for your organisation.

I've worked with trainers and educators for over 30 years. Jeremy is, in my personal and professional opinion, exceptional, and I hope to continue our relationship for many years to come.

GM, Management Development

My experience of working with Jeremy has been a very positive one. He has worked closely with my division in order to carry out ongoing recruitment and sales training with all levels of consultants, from inexperienced, junior consultants all the way through to billing team leaders. In each case he has helped to not only improve the ability of the people he has worked with but also their motivation towards doing the job to the best of that ability.

He is the best recruitment trainer I have come across in over 12 years within the IT recruitment industry.

LM, Recruitment Manager

Jeremy offers a fresh approach to training. He engages his audience, plants ideas and opens channels for thinking outside of the norm. His execution and attention to detail is second to none. I would highly recommend Jeremy.

AR, Branch Manager

Jeremy is one of the most inspirational sales trainers I have come across, he has to ability to fire the imagination through humorous anecdote and compelling business case. Jeremy has a terrific (although sometimes scary) insight into what makes a person tick and utilises this ability to really drill to the point without wasting time or effort.

I would recommend Jeremy's work without hesitation, he is a genuine asset and, unlike many Sales Trainers that I have worked with, generates a genuine return on the investment of time and money.

SB, Head of Major Accounts, Permanent

Jeremy is without doubt one of the best trainers I have ever encountered in my time (some 30 years in this industry). He has a remarkable understanding and empathy from the sales side and puts across the information in a very straight forward manner that at times makes you believe you are not training at all. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him onwards and would suggest that by utilising Jeremy’s skills, you can only benefit from his knowledge and talents.

RM, Resource/Regional Delivery Manager

Jeremy is an inspirational Sales Trainer. The diverse skills and techniques that he espouses add real value to the full lifecycle of the recruitment and sales process.

He adds invaluable insight into the key motivators of Clients, Candidates and Consultants and teaches proven methods to help utilise these factors and be successful in the industry.

Jeremy is excellent at imbuing these attributes to fresh recruits as well as experienced Consultants. His ability to couple sales theory with practical methods to implement in your day to day work has markedly contributed to my success.

RF, Senior Contract Consultant

When it comes to sales training, objection handling, candidate control and any other recruitment orientated training; Jeremy is by far the best trainer in my book.

His well-structured delivery leaves every member of the group feeling as though they had just had a one-to-one training session with him that has substantially added value to their knowledge base and sales techniques.

He's a genius at what he does and I would without a shadow of a doubt, recommend him to anyone who's looking to improve their sales/recruitment techniques.

HS, Recruitment Consultant

The success of sales training is notoriously hard to measure, but having attended training with Jeremy on several occasions I can from personal experience say that he adds real value and depth to a sales professional’s skill set. Jeremy is furthermore able to bring real insight into competency based interview techniques and the use of NLP. A real professional as well as a pleasure to work with.

TLM, Recruitment Consultant

I have attended some of the training courses Jeremy has produced and they have always been extremely inspiring, motivating and insightful. More recently I have attended Jeremy's LinkedIn training and I have been shocked and astounded at the results since attending this training. I have increased my network and am now able to utilise LinkedIn the way in which it will benefit me and the organisation I work for. Jeremy is passionate about LinkedIn and he instils that passion in the people he trains. I would highly recommend Jeremy as a trainer and especially the LinkedIn training if you wish to network effectively.

KB, Recruitment Manager

[Jeremy] has the ability to create training for any business need and present it with such vigour that anyone attending is empowered to live and breathe his values. 

Jeremy is one of, if not the best trainer I have come across in the recruitment industry. He has the ability to create training for any business need and present it with such vigour that anyone attending is empowered to live and breathe his values.

He is a dedicated trainer, highly knowledgeable about the industry and passionate about his work. He lives recruitment and has a track record that proves he is capable of delivering training on all aspects of the industry.

FD, Branch Manager

The content was fresh, exciting and exhilarating. I can speak for many people within our Company - he is a true professional offering a first class innovative service!

I have worked with Jeremy for over a year and during this time he has proved to be invaluable to my business. Jeremy is held in the highest regard by my peers, my management team and the individual consultants within the North West.

What makes him an exceptional trainer is the innovative content that stimulates and motivates his audience, which is reflected by the number of additional courses that he is requested to schedule. Jeremy also worked alongside the Management team and was fundamental in creating a brand new course aimed at the operational team. The content was fresh, exciting and exhilarating. I can speak for many people within our Company - he is a true professional offering a first class innovative service! I would recommend Jeremy to anyone and everyone.

SP, Regional Operations Director

Jeremy delivered the training course I recently attended with expert knowledge, enthusiasm, wit and credibility. Time out of the office as a recruitment consultant is precious but I would certainly recommend that Jeremy's training is time well spent and will move your business/professional development forward. I took an awful lot from this course.

AH, Recruitment Consultant

Insightful, captivating and inspiring! 
Jeremy’s LinkedIn course ticked all boxes for me, his unwavering delivery was proof that he knows what he’s talking about - and we asked some tough questions! Jeremy made the course fun and relevant to all industries and job roles. I was particularly amazed how much we can gain from LinkedIn from a business development perspective! Many thanks again Jeremy, I’d have no hesitation in recommending you to colleagues and business associates.

MJ, Business Systems Trainer

Even on the first group training session that Jeremy led I could tell he was like no other trainer I had encountered before within the Recruitment industry. Jeremy is different to other trainers...he endeavours to understand the way in which you work, your strengths, weaknesses and motivations and tailors his style accordingly.

Coupled with his extensive knowledge and style Jeremy also stands out as being one of the only trainers I know who has physically done the job and been extremely successful and is therefore in a prime position to be taken seriously as a subject matter expert.

Thanks for everything Jeremy.

SE, Senior Communications Executive