Recruitment Training Workshop: Approaching and Engaging Passive Candidates

The word passive has become very fashionable in recruitment circles

The concept has been around for a very long time. It is only since the rise of social media that passive talent has become more visible. Blogs, Linkedin discussions and Twitter are now full of recruiters talking about how they identify passive candidates.

Increasing the choice and quality you provide

The reality of the situation is that in many sectors there are more jobs than there are people applying. Finding passive talent is the first step in increasing the choice and quality you provide your clients – converting them into motivated candidates is where the real skill is required.

Today, more than ever, individuals are approached by recruiters seeking to place them with their clients. Standing out as being the ‘recruiter of choice’ is critical to success and the initial approach is integral.

This workshop will cover:

  • The benefits, and challenges, of working with ‘passive’ candidates
  • How to approach passive candidates professionally and credibly
  • Dealing with initial objections to talking further (like “send me a job spec”)
  • The psychology of "not looking" candidates
  • Building a 2-call strategy to success
  • The 10 golden rules of gaining referrals
  • How to maintain momentum and ensure placement success

This is an inspiring full day which will provide plenty of opportunity for delegates to roleplay and receive feedback on their approaches before putting them to use.

All delegates will receive a collection of valuable resources to enable them to get the most from their new skills.

This workshop will help you to : 

  • Build Stronger Client Relationships
  • Make More Placements
  • Find Better Applicants

After this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Efficiently put together a list of passive targets to contact
  • Approach passive targets confidently enabling them to stand out from other recruiters
  • Gain commitment from prospective candidates to commit to an application
  • Consistently generate candidate referrals to build their pipeline of passive talent