Recruitment Training Workshop: Building a Candidate Talent Pool

Defining what makes a good quality candidate

This training workshop will help delegates define what makes a good quality candidate and how to proactively develop a robust database of good people to work with.

Contact and engage passive candidates

Providing strategies as to how they can grow their network of candidates through referral generation and name gathering as well as Boolean search. During the workshop delegates will also cover the skills and processes required to contact and engage passive candidates as part of a headhunting strategy.

This workshop will help you to : 

  • Make Quicker Placements
  • Build Stronger Client Relationships
  • Increase Your Market Knowledge

At the end of this session delegates will:

  • Recognise the lifetime value of candidates they work with and the importance of relationships
  • Have strategies to generate good quality referrals
  • Develop a series of methods to identify contact details for key individuals
  • Feel confident when making approaches to passive talent
  • Create the right first impression and buy-in that they are the headhunter of choice
  • Gain commitment from the prospective candidate to progress an application