Recruitment Training Workshop: Digital Strategies for Recruiters

What an internet savvy, creative recruiter can achieve

The internet is constantly changing and recruiters are spending more and more time online either sourcing new prospect candidates or clients. With such a plethora of platforms and networks to choose from this workshop looks at what an internet savvy, creative recruiter can achieve with the free tools around them.

Course Synopsis:

  • Understanding how search engines work – how they index and crawl the internet
  • The effect that SEO has on the searches we conduct
  • Search syntax – the key search terms every recruiter should know and use
  • Introduction to Google and the portfolio of free tools available
  • X-ray and flip searches
  • Thinking deductively as a recruiter to develop empathy with the target market
  • Searching semantically using derivatives and adjectives rather than buzzwords
  • Finding hidden talent pools in places you think you have “fully covered”
  • Revisiting Linkedin with fresh eyes – how to find those who don’t have completed, keyword rich profiles
  • The top platforms recruiters should search including social networks
  • Automated functions to set up to save time

Business Benefits:

This is an area that will create massive competitive advantage over your competitors. Being able to find candidates they can’t, client information they don’t know and search and engage better with both groups of customers will inspire greater confidence in delegates and multiple opportunities for business growth and success!

A client who booked 4 delegates on this workshop went on to bill an additional £40,000 in the following month alone by using the techniques they discovered in this session.

This workshop will help you to : 

  • Increase Market Knowledge
  • Better Pipeline
  • More Placements

After this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the impact that SEO has on much of our activities online
  • Search the internet with greater confidence and targeting to find information
  • Use advanced search syntax for Google to find hidden business information
  • Set effective strategies as to how to get the mot out of social media
  • Search better – everywhere!