Are you tracking your leads to completion?

Most of the recruitment consultants I work with believe that they are on top of their leads – I am sure you are the same yourself. What I have noticed though is that this is not always the case. The majority of recruiters who are responsible for developing their own pipeline of business recognise the importance of generating leads. It provides market intelligence, instant confirmation as to who is currently recruiting and the potential to create immediate business. What surprises me is the number of leads that having been followed up once do not receive the same level of attention as when they were initially generated. Some recruiters will call again at some point in the future “to see how things are going” whilst others do not attempt to revisit a lead where the contact says “thanks but we don’t need you help”.

track your leadsHow many of you reading this could identify all of the leads that you generated in October or November and say with confidence those that were now filled?

A good lead tracking process ensures that you not only keep in contact with those who are hiring in your market but that you call them on the right day and make the recipient of the call grateful you rang. No one likes to deal with overly persistent sales people. Most clients like to deal with those who care and call at the right time (with permission too).

So, for those of you who are asking, how do I build a lead tracking system?

How do I do it?

Key essentials for a lead tracking system are:

  1. It is simple to manage and maintain
  2. It ensures you speak to the right people on the right day about the right subject
  3. You can track where you are up to with each lead
  4. It gives you the opportunity to historically view leads (for example last quarter, etc)
  5. It helps you make money and build better relationships with prospects

You may have the opportunity to do this in your current database or CRM. Alternatively you can build one quickly in an Excel spreadsheet.

Once you have a tracking system you need to develop a milestone progression checklist.

For example:

  • CVs received
  • Interviews booked
  • Interviews arranged
  • Interviews completed
  • Decision point – Have we got a minimum of one contender?
  • 2nd interview arranged
  • 2nd interview completed
  • Decision point – Do we still feel we have a contender to offer the job to?
  • Verbal Offer & Acceptance
  • Written Offer & Acceptance
  • Resignation
  • Start date
  • Probation completed

The most skilled contingent recruiters will track their leads and make sure that the prospective client has successfully navigated each of these critical advances and decision points in the process.

The further through the process the more damaging failure will be. Yet, despite this, some recruiters choose to accept that when a prospect says they have someone starting in a month that the job is filled, and they don’t call on the day to ensure the new recruit had actually started. A 60 second investment of time.


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