The importance of "one more interview" to your success

This is only going to be a short post. Last year I wrote an article on the ZEN blog called How to Secure More Interviews Per Job which explained the importance of presenting your candidates to the clients instead of just firing over CVs.

I quickly wanted to show you how securing just 1 more interview on each role you work could have a massive impact on your ability to fill jobs. After all, this job can be tough at times. If you could do just one thing that would increase your chances of making a placement wouldn’t you do it??

There has yet to be a single consultant I have trained or sat with during at desk coaching who does not want to fill the requirements they generate. Everyone wants to succeed, yet at times consultants make the job more difficult for themselves.

Interviews = placements. Therefore ….. more interviews = more placements!

So it’s simple, get one more interview per requirement.

Need some evidence as to the benefits of “one more interview”?

secure one more interview

Imagine a consultant with 6 live requirements and the following number of interviews taking place (with the remainder being arranged by the competition):


1/3  +  2/4  + 3/5  + 2/3  + 1/3  + 1/3


Probability of filling ALL of these requirements? 0.75% (yes, nought point seven five!)

With one more interview per job (at the expense of the competition)?


2/3  + 3/4  + 4/5  + 3/3  +  2/3  +  2/3


Probability of filling ALL of these requirements now? 18% (yes, a 24 fold increase with one more interview).

How do you get more interviews then?

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